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Spectralux Currently in Studio

This time it is for real, we have 5 or 6 tracks from the earlier Athens Sessions and we are adding 3 or 4 more so we will have something new for everyone in a few months. The tracking will be finished in late September. Who knows how long it will take to mix, but we have some good help and high hopes for this new album.

We will see you at shows in a few months...

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10 Second Bio

Spectralux takes a fresh, stylish approach to rock music with atmospheric textures and futuristic imagery. Influenced by David Bowie, Pixies and Wire, Spectralux took the stage just before the turn of the century with a handful of songs and homemade props from malfunctioning television sets to dismembered mannequins.

Along the way, Spectralux started using analog drum machines to fill a vacant drummer position which broadened their musical influences to include The Flaming Lips, Can, Catherine Wheel and Depeche Mode. When the vacant drum seat was filled they kept the drum machines, creating modern rock peppered with drum loops, synthesizers and samples.

Give Away Our Music

In stark contrast to the conventional music industry, Atlanta band Spectralux (us) would like for you to steal our music and give it to as many friends as you can. To facilitate this wave of music piracy, we are providing you (our friend) with 3 free MP3 files on our website right now.


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